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 We are a volunteer organization made up of retired and former employees of the Environmental Protection Agency. We have expertise in environmental science, law and policy. We are using our collective expertise to educate and advocate about environmental science, environmental protections and the current administration’s assault on EPA and our public health.  We are based  in Colorado, and network with like-minded groups across the USA.
D.C. March for Science, April 2017

The United States Environmental Protection Agency exists to protect human health and the environment.

We think all Americans have a right to breathe clean air, drink clean water and enjoy an unpolluted environment.

We remember when smog choked our cities, polluted rivers caught on fire, and people lived on top of toxic wastes. We remember when American leaders from across the political spectrum came together to clean up our air, water, and soils.

The environmental protections we enjoy today resulted from those bipartisan efforts – and those environmental protections are under assault today. We don’t want to see our environmental protections go away – do you?

We work together to create tools and talking points for information and advocacy about public health and environmental protections.

We are a small group of volunteers and would welcome more folks on the team. You don’t have to be a former EPA employee to be part of Save EPA – we welcome everyone who wants to defend our environmental and public health protections.

Thanks to all who have reached out with messages of support and offer of help.  Please use the form below to contact us. We will NOT solicit you for funds – we are totally powered by volunteers.

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